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 Women4Women a registered NPO which focuses on life skills for underprivileged girls in South Africa. 

Our Mission

Not all communities have access to basic life skills. We aim to make these life skills more accessible to women and girls in all communities.

We create a platform for corporates to get involved in educational projects where funds make a direct impact in the lives of less fortunate women and girls.

We teach life skills to girls and young women, to enable them to have more opportunities, to ultimately become empowered women.

How Can you Help ?

Women4Women hosts life skills lessons to the following communities get involved by donating towards our lessons. Funding goes towards; Covering costs for teacher’s basic needs, books, pepper spray’s, safety whistles, snacks for children in poverty stricken communities, basic toiletries, pens and other stationary. Our life skills lessons take place across South Africa.
Become involved and sponsor a class, you can make a financial contribution or donate books, whistles, or toiletry products pay for a teacher or more please contact