Former Miss South Africa, Runner-Up Miss Universe, Entrepreneur, TV presenter Socialite, Philanthropist, Businesswoman, Wife and (my personal favourite) MOM – these are just some of the titles I’ve carried in my life since being born in 1981 to a military family.  

After being crowned Miss South Africa around 18 years ago, I’ve been dedicated to proving that we as women really can have it all. Through passion and a great support system, we can run multiple businesses, look fabulous for date night and still make it home in time to read our children their favourite bedtime story. 

I’ve dedicated a large part of my life to empower as many women as possible in our beautiful country – whether that may be through providing job opportunities, hosting charity events or providing disadvantaged women with skills, training and mentorship. I believe that every single woman deserves to be independent and celebrated. After spending over 15 years working with various charity projects, I have co-founded the Women4Women foundation that focuses on the empowerment and upliftment of women. The end goal of this is to help women improve their earnings, living conditions, confidence, appearance, and to secure a future for their children as every mother wishes to do.  

Being a mother myself, I can confirm that my beautiful kids Ethan and Aenea, inspire me to be the best version of myself every day. Family is everything and no matter how busy my life may get – I make sure that my relationship with my children and husband Clive remain my biggest priority. 

As I get older and continue to grow in various industries, I realise the beauty of living a balanced lifestyle and the importance of living a life where you practice self-care, work hard, play harder and love unconditionally. 

Through this platform, I hope to empower women and girls of all ages to reach for their dreams, no matter the circumstances. I believe that we all need some inspiration at some point in our life and I hope that through some words of encouragement and real, everyday advice, I can inspire you to the best version of YOU.  

All the love, 

Cindy Nell