4 reasons why you should switch to the NEW ARA Imphepho Luxury Glycerine Bar

As appealing as some cosmetic soaps are, not all are actually healthy and safe to use on your delicate skin – no matter how beautiful they smell! Conventional soaps on the shelves can dry out your skin and cause redness and irritation. Your skin’s natural barrier is also weakened, which causes harmful toxins and bacteria to further penetrate the skin. The solution? Glycerine soap but not just any. Here’s 4 reasons why you should swap your beauty soap for the new ARA Imphepho Luxury Glycerine Bar:

1.  Made purely from glycerine

ARA Imphepho Luxury Glycerine Bar is made purely from glycerine, a type of fat that when incorporated into skincare solutions, aids in drawing moisture to the skin. This is thanks to glycerine’s humectant nature, which actively works to reduce the loss of moisture while creating a protective barrier over the skin. Not only does glycerine allow the skin to breathe, it’s also a natural and sustainable ingredient that prevents the skin from drying out. The Imphepho Luxury Glycerine Bar also contains no added fragrance and is colourant free, making it known to be safe for all skin types especially sensitive skin.

2.  Infused with Imphepho Oil

Each soap bar is infused with high quality Imphepho Oil: an African herb (also known as African sage), which was the first plant that guided traditional healers to more herbs and plants still used in traditional medicine today. Not only does Imphepho Oil carry a significant history that is unique to South Africans, it also contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to ensure your skin remains safe and protected. Cleanse both your body and soul with this unique soap that forges a sacred connection to one’s ancestors.

3.  Deeply cleansing and moisturising

ARA’s Imphpeho Luxury Glycerine Bar not only protects the skin with its safe ingredients, it also deeply cleanses and moisturises it thanks to additional benefits of glycerine. Glycerine does not clog the pores, allowing for the skin to absorb the healing properties of Imphepho Oil. Glycerine also easily penetrates the skin and fills in fine lines while aiding skin regeneration and moisture retention. They don’t call this a luxurious bar for nothing. Expect supple, radiant skin with an added youthful appearance.

4.  Proudly South African

ARA is a proudly South African brand that has produced the first ever local and traditional medicine soap bar that is steeped in long-standing African traditions. Enriched with Imphepho Oil, bath time for the entire family has now become a time of sacred healing and cleansing that dates back to practices passed down over generations as a means to connect deeper to one’s ancestors. Now, everyone can enjoy the power of Imphepho thanks to the ARA Imphepho Luxury Glycerine Bar known to be suitable for mature, oily, acne-prone, dry, and sensitive skin types. Use daily to cleanse both the face and body.

The ARA Imphepho Luxury Glycerine Bar is not just a cleansing soap but a luxurious addition to your bathroom that nourishes, protects, and heals both body and soul whilst keeping your family connected to their roots. Its gentle cleansing properties, together with the healing nature of Imphepho Oil, are both deeply moisturising with added antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits to protect the entire family.

The 125g ARA Imphepho Luxury Glycerine Bar retails for just R24.95 and is available at Edgars and online on www.houseofcosmetics.co.za.

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